Your days can include plenty of...

Close Contact Situations


Your toilet seat has 14,000 particles of bacteria per square inch. Your cellphone has over 24,000!

Germs build up on high-touch surfaces? Airborne Virus are attracted to these high touch areas due to the build up! 

Shield your personal environment as the world around you becomes more dangerous!

4U Shield is here for your safety.

Chitosan, the main active component, is a safe and potent nontoxic biostatic antimicrobial.

Skin Shield protects your hands and skin when you touch infected surfaces.

Surface Shield proactively, electrostatically, neutralizes microbes to a state where they do no harm.

Following sound cleaning practice of washing hands often and cleaning the surface layer is always the best proactive practice. 

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It All Begins with...

Chitin & Chitosan

The exoskeleton of arthropods, like crustacean and many insects contain minerals, protein and a unique, structural binding ingredient called Chitin. Shells are ground, and once the minerals and proteins are removed from the raw Chitin, it goes through a final process called deacetylation to extract the more pure compound called Chitosan.

These long and short-chained compounds of molecules have been studied over the decades and proven to have some of the most amazing properties.

Among these are the fact that Chitosan is a potent, but very safe, biostatic antimicrobial.

Chitosan, in it final form, has been proven to be...

Well Informed is Well Prepared...

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Meet The Expert

Michael Adam Orgera, Sr served in the cleaning industry for over 30 years.

Having first studied and received his Bachelor's of Science degree in the field of Education, he became well equipped to become both the student and teacher that was poised to improve the way clients think about germ control.

He understands the value of cleaning and germ control.

Michael spent 25 years with one of the nation's largest chemical manufacturers, and became an expert in both hard and soft surface soil removal before becoming an independent contractor to distributors, manufacturers and innovators of all types in this industry.

Having spent much of the last 6 years in a comprehensive study of bacteria, viruses, and other microbes. Michael has launched one of the most revolutionary systems to ever reach your personal environment! Home, Auto, and Office! Proactive Protection at its best!

Contacting Michael A. Orgera, Sr:

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